Abstract: the article is devoted to the problem of personal characteristics of teenagers experiencing difficulties in social adaptation. The relevance of the research is due to both the increasing requirements of society to the level of education, competence of students, and the psychological characteristics of adolescence, which carries a lot of contradictions and difficulties. The factors that negatively affect social adaptation include biological, psychological, socio-pedagogical factors, as well as the characteristics of the personality of adolescents themselves. The study involved 107 senior teenagers-students of 7-9 grades. We used the testing method, the method of expert evaluations, and methods of quantitative and qualitative data processing. Teenagers with difficulties in social adaptation showed high rates of such personal characteristics as hypomania, psychasthenia, psychopathy, depression. The average rates of aggression and hostility in the sample of adolescents with difficulties in adaptation do not exceed the norm, but there are more aggressive and hostile adolescents in the main group of subjects than in the control group. According to the severity of accentuations of character, adolescents with difficulties in social adaptation are more pedantic, excitable, dysthymic, exalted, and anxious. All the results of the study are confirmed by statistical processing and can be used in the development of a correctional program with adolescents experiencing difficulties in adaptation.

Keywords: teenagers, social adaptation, difficulties in adaptation, personal characteristics, aggressiveness, hostility, character accentuation