Abstract: this article is devoted to studying the causes of the existing problem of discrimination and the internal experiences of women in their careers. The relevance of the study lies in the fact that the problem of promoting women on the career ladder has been considered for a long time and this issue is one of those studied in domestic and foreign psychology. To date, theoretical and methodological prerequisites have been created for considering the psychology of women’s careers as a new scientific field that has arisen in the system of psychological knowledge in connection with the actualization of personality and gender issues in the humanities and social sciences. The concepts of “glass ceiling” and “barrier” are considered. Barriers that negatively affect women’s careers are identified. The barriers between men and women to build a career in the Federal Bailiff Service (FBS) are compared. The study was conducted using the questionnaire “Barriers to building a career for women” by Kamardina I.S., Povorina E.V. The interest in this problem is associated with the tendency that has developed in modern women towards the development of their professional activities. Moreover, in many cases, women aspire not only to work, but to achieve a certain official and social status, to achieve maximum self-realization in the professional sphere, there are obstacles, that is, barriers in building a career.

Keywords: glass ceiling, women, career, barriers, invisible barriers, career ladder