Abstract: the aim of this work was to identify the value-motivational component of creativity in musically gifted teenagers and students of secondary schools without a musical bias. The article analyzes the correlation relationships between the scales of figurative creativity and the level of significance of terminal and instrumental values in the studied samples based on the diagnostics of the motivational-value sphere, locus of control and indicators of creativity. Through empirical research, the authors find that the value of discipline in combination with creative productivity, the ability to abstract concepts and openness to new experiences quite fully characterizes musically gifted teenagers. The results obtained in this work, on the one hand, contribute to the optimization of the educational process and the creation of a creative educational environment in innovative institutions, and on the other, help to evaluate and broadcast the accumulated and justified experience of working with musically gifted teenagers to form a value-motivational sphere for students of secondary schools.

Keywords: giftedness, creativity, terminal and instrumental values, locus of control, externality, internality, resistance to closure, musical giftedness, adolescence