Abstract: in a healthy person with a healthy microflora in the oral cavity, as well as with the normal composition of saliva, the process of remineralization occurs naturally during life. However, under the influence of various factors (stress, unhealthy diet, bad habits, alcohol abuse, sweets, poor quality of drinking water, vitamin deficiency in the body), enamel loses minerals and other components necessary for its health, the process of demineralization begins. Its result is a change in the composition of enamel, as well as the weakening of its protective functions and this leads to the development of a carious process.In the arsenal of the dentist there are a sufficient number of special tools that strengthen the enamel and increase its protective properties. They contain the necessary substances and trace elements.The article presents the results of a study of the effectiveness of special agents used for remineralizing therapy. Evaluation of their effectiveness is based on a comparison of the mineral composition of saliva in several key indicators: the content of calcium and phosphorus, as well as their ratio. These indicators were evaluated before and after the application of various tools used for remineralization in different age groups.

Keywords: remineralizing therapy, saliva, calcium