Abstract: the article describes the method of formation of the subjective position in the project activities in children of senior preschool age. The issues related to the need to form an active and independent member of society, defending their own and public interests, the lack of development of approaches to the formation of the subjective position of preschoolers in project activities are considered. The diagnostic tool for identifying the level of formation in children of a subjective position in the project activity in the control and experimental groups, presented in the article, made it possible to conduct an experimental study on the following criteria: activity (initiative, diligence, effectiveness); independence in activities (the ability to make choices, the ability to adjust actions); availability of social-value communication in the context of joint activities; ability to listen and hear, the ability to negotiate), as well as highlight the appropriate levels of this process. The organization and experimental verification of the impact of project activities on the formation of a subjective position in children of senior preschool age, described in the article, was carried out according to the following criteria: the interest of children and parents; parental response to the proposed homework; the ability of children to reasonably defend their point of view (elementary); ability to plan their activities and achieve their goals; ability to reflect their own ideas in real life. A comparative analysis of the ascertaining and control experiment described in the article showed that the dynamics of manifestations of initiative, independence, cooperation and volitional efforts in achieving the result are more pronounced in the experimental group than in the control group, which confirms the experimental research hypothesis put forward in the article and proves the effectiveness of the done work.

Keywords: project activity, subject position, children of senior preschool age, criteria and indicators, activity, independence, socially valuable ways of communication