Abstract: one of the main problems in our time of modern Russia, as a democratic state, is the education of universal moral values, which are associated with the concepts of humanity, patriotism, and citizenship. Successive education of patriotism in children comes to the fore. The formation of any quality of personality, including patriotism, will be more effective if they start this process from childhood. The task of any primary school teacher is to instill in students the basics of civil and patriotic education. This article deals with the issues of military-patriotic education of primary school children with mental retardation. Using the example of the project “course of patriotic education in the framework of the 75th anniversary of the victory in the Great Patriotic war”, the authors consider the issues of instilling military-patriotic education in children with MR. The project description specifies various theoretical and practice-oriented methods. The authors also provide facts to substantiate the need for a sense of citizenship and patriotism in students with MR (mental retardation). The project developed and presented in this article can be used in various educational institutions to achieve the goals of patriotic education of children.

Keywords: children with mental retardation, “special” children, the Great Patriotic war, military-patriotic education of primary school children, patriotism, project